Nintendo And Microsoft Humiliated Sony In New ‘Minecraft’ Cross Platform Play

Microsoft and Nintendo have merged together on a new project about Minecraft trailer. This is a huge celebration and commitment by Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. This relationship between both companies shows a promising future for the industry.

This is actually the first that a company dealing with hardware will promote a game involving a competitor with a positive view. The crucial thing to know about this event is positivity. Do you recollect an event in the 90s that occurred between Sega spoke badly about Nintendo? Sega planned to damage the reputation of Nintendo to get a huge platform available for enthusiasts. In this case, there is nothing like badmouthing other company or game.
When talking about the merging business, you should always know that the big elephant called Sony is always in the room. The creator of PS4 has always remained committed not change the features of several products such as Fortnite, Rocket League and Minecraft.

Something happened last week that made Epic Games platform alarming. It is noted that using PS4 to play Fortnite may be a bit difficult when trying to switch accounts. According to a former staff of Sony Online Entertainment, the major reason for this problem is due to money. In the end, it is clear that Xbox One, PC and Switch owners have come together to enjoy the features of the new Minecraft.

As publishers have confirmed this new innovative move, fans hope to enjoy the best features of the new Minecraft. The coming together of Nintendo and Microsoft is a clear contradiction to the stubborn Sony Company. With the new collaboration, players on Xbox and Switch will be able to play together without any difficulties. The Xbox logo is clearly seen in the new Minecraft probably to show dominance.

The Nintendo red and Xbox green logos will be merged in the new platform showing a celebration of togetherness. As for Sony, it still maintains a stand of dominance in the industry. This new relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo has scattered Sony’s plan.
The recent Fortnite scenario on PS4 is something many fans wonder about. Will this put Sony down further from the new relationship? Well, if Sony continues to show a commitment of not associating with other gaming companies, it may suffer some loses.

While Sony still tackles its latest problem about Fortnite, Microsoft and Nintendo are growing and establishing a stronger relationship. One thing is clear that both Nintendo and Microsoft have attacked Sony on its current Fortnite difficulties. This will even help to boost the level of controversy that Sony experiences later in the future.

If you think those game manufacturers cannot come together and agree over common ground, then rethink. An example is the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo over the new Minecraft features. According to fans, the association has helped to boost the level of communication and gaming experience. Maybe Sony should reconsider its stand and unite with other manufacturers in the industry.

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