Long Lost DICE Metroidvania HardCore Game Coming To PS4 & PS Vita In 2019

DICE has been popular as Digital Illusion ever it worked on huge projects such as the Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront series. DICE started will little games such as Rallisport Challenge and Pinball Fantasies/Pinball Dreams for the Xbox. DICE moved into Battlefield 1945 after completing the earlier games mentioned above. In fact, this franchise was able to produce more series for the Battlefield 1945 game to its culmination.

In 1994, DICE worked on a great project that never received praise in public eyes. The game the franchise was working in 1994 happens to be HardCore. The game is designed to take the film Metroidvania to the next level prior to Castle: Symphony of the Night. Psygnosis, the publisher of the game has decided to forget the project. The main aim of getting rid of the game at the time was because of the market value.

Nevertheless, Sega CD and Sega Genesis owners would have been able to handle the game well. According to the announcement by Strictly Limited Games, the game of HardCore will be revealed again with a strong impact. At the moment, it’s safe to say that HardCore is alive in production. The new producer will be creating something innovative from the concept of the original Digital Illusion production. The new producer of the game is also planning to unleash something great for PlayStation Vita, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

The original name of the game was called Project HardCore. The main objective for designing the game is to occupy great places and fight foes with a plethora of top-notch firepower. The game remains a Eurostyle Metroidvania-platformer and will work effectively to 2D fans. This is because it comes with complex design and a gamut of end-and-mid patrons. Something was planned to remain exclusive for the Sega Mega CD edition called vertical-scrolling Shoot ‘Em Up-stages”.

It will also be added to the end stage of the game after completion. It will offer the most reliable moment possible and as well bring back remarkable memories of the games such as SWIV for the Commodore Amiga. How did the DICE Metroidvania Hardcore game resurrect from the dead? According to the publishing franchise, certain circumstances helped to fuel the remembrance of the game again.

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Strictly Limited Games with the help of some colleagues were able to get the original copy of the game. Some of the best experts and the most talented minds in the gaming sector also helped to bring the game alive. Benedict Braitsch and Dennis Mendel are great funding members working to bring the game to reality.

Mikael Kalms, a long-time DICE worker, also helped in bringing the project to life. Joakim Wejdemar and Fredrik Liljegren are some of the remarkable people that helped to keep the project going. Matt Phillips provided additional support by using his Big Evil Corporation platform. Matt remains an expert in six thousand eight hundred coding and mega drive items

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